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Hello I am from the USA and my passion is motorcycles. I already have a magnificent track record to my credit. With the Covid-19 pandemic, my championship was interrupted as part of the confinement. So I have not yet been able to repeat my feat, but the season, which was already well under way for me, will resume in August 2020. So I hope I can defend my title and, of course, keep it. As you can probably imagine, the sport of motorcycling is very expensive. The annual budget is huge, especially when you have to participate in Caribbean and national competitions, and international, abroad: - The exorbitant price of a competition motorcycle, - Spare parts, - Plane tickets, - The transport of the motorcycle and all the logistics that go with it. - hotel accommodation, - train tickets, - and so on .. Certainly, for several years, my parents have supported me as best they can, but, financially, it becomes more and more heavy, even too heavy for them, travel becomes more and more expensive. Also, I appeal to your generosity to all. Please help me: - To continue the practice of this mechanical sport which is my passion, - To participate in Caribbean, national and international competitions, - To defend the colors of our Martinique by shining the spotlight during these competitions. Thank you


Parker Joe

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