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efundeo is a site that allows you to create a project and obtain funding for your projects or to fund the projects of other users.

Is the use of the site free ?

You can create a project, finance a project, buy tickets for free.

How to finance a project?

You just have to offer tickets.

How to get tickets?

You can obtain tickets by purchasing them on our site or by collecting tickets acquired on your projects.

How to cash the tickets acquired on a project ?

You must first complete the project, then in the list of your projects click on 'cash' the tickets will automatically go to your balance.

How much is a ticket worth ?

A ticket is worth $ 1 or Ar 4,000 when purchased

For the payment request a ticket is worth $ 1, for the Ar it will depend on the currency of the day.

What payment methods are available?

Paypal and Mvola, payments are secure.

What are the fees and commission ?

Giving tickets is completely free.

When purchasing a ticket, the user only pays the costs of the payment method used (eg Paypal) .

For payment requests the user pays the costs of the payment method used and our site keeps 5% of the amount of the tickets.

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